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Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform, and itโ€™s one of the most popular social networks, with over 2.3 million users. Having a profile with many Instagram followers can help you build your brand, attract more customers and earn more. Thus, every post counts. The more people see it and engage, the better. Thus, post shares are very important. One of the top ways to promote your business account and get more exposure is by buying Instagram post shares. The entire process is beyond simple. Plus, itโ€™s inexpensive, which makes it an ideal marketing option for many Instagram users.

๐Ÿ”Ž How does buying Instagram Shares service work?

Everything is quite simple. When you buy Instagram post shares, real people will start sharing your posts. In other words, the tasks will be completed by active users of the platform, not bots. Thus, you can count on organic traffic, and the fact each post will reach more people. As a result, the popularity and visibility of your Instagram page will increase.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Reasons to buy Instagram Post Shares

On social media platforms, the competition can be fierce, especially on this one. Thatโ€™s why it is essential to use various marketing tools to promote your business in every possible way. Itโ€™s important to understand that some tools and strategies are better than others. Below, we have listed the main reasons why purchasing Instagram shares represents a fantastic solution.

  • Reach more audience โ€“ This is the main reason why purchased Instagram shares are never a waste of time or money. Once you get them, your posts will get to more people. Your profile will be visible to a wider number of users, and youโ€™ll gain more followers. One thing will lead to another. All of a sudden, your brand will become recognizable and it will get the attention it deserves.
  • Driving more traffic to the profile โ€“ Instagram algorithm uses different metrics, and several points are considered essential, including shares. Thus, when you buy IG post shares, and your posts reach more users, the algorithm will get a sign of quality content worth promoting.
  • Get more engagement โ€“ Keep in mind that when you buy Instagram video shares or photo-related ones, you gain engagement. The content you share becomes more visible. Pretty quickly, you will notice the change. There will be a more engaged audience, more likes, views, and followers.
  • Build the credibility of your brand โ€“ Reaching a wider audience and building a stronger community shows that your business is worth the attention. With something as simple as buying Instagram post shares, you will show potential buyers your brand is trustworthy and that everything revolves around quality.

As you may notice, one simple action such as planned social media engagement, leads to many amazing things. After a while, your community will become bigger, your posts viral, and success guaranteed.

โ— The impact of Share count on account performance

When it comes to social media, be aware that every interaction counts. When people engage, like, share, or save your posts, the profile you have created becomes more popular. Thus, the number of users it reaches increases along with engagements. Many influencers are using this strategy to promote their profiles, as it is proven to be extremely effective, and yet inexpensive.

๐Ÿ“Œ Leveraging Post Shares for effective marketing and business presence

Building your business presence on this photo and video-sharing platform requires a lot of time, effort, and nerves. But, if you buy IG shares, you will experience all the benefits of an effective and affordable marketing strategy. This simple option will allow you to get closer to your goals without spending a lot of money or time.

Use post shares to fuel your personal account growth

While many buy shares to promote their small businesses or brands, some people want to promote personal accounts. The great news is that you can do that as well. The process is the same and will have the same effects. When you get the shares, more users will see your posts. Over time, the number of those following you will increase.

๐ŸŒŸ How to make necessary account setting changes before placing an order

Before you place an order and buy Instagram shares, itโ€™s important to make certain changes in the settings of your Instagram account. The platform allows only public posts to be shared. Thus, if you have a private profile, the shares wonโ€™t be possible. To make this change, do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to Settings and Privacy
  3. Tap Account Privacy
  4. If the setting is set to private, click on the switch next to it

Once switches to the PUBLIC, you are all set and ready to place an order.

๐Ÿ“‹ How to buy Instagram Post Shares from SocialsUp?

The process of buying shares from SocialsUp is beyond simple. The entire procedure requires only a couple of minutes and it is pretty straightforward. Here is how to place an order:

  1. Visit the SocialsUp website
  2. Next, choose the photo and video-sharing platform
  3. Choose Post Shares
  4. Now, browse the packages
  5. You can start with small packages at first
  6. Select the package that suits you best (for example, the one with 100 shares)
  7. Next, add your Instagram username
  8. Now add the Instagram post URL (remember, it must be set to public, otherwise it wonโ€™t work)
  9. Proceed to payment
  10. Select the option that works for you and complete the purchase.

Thatโ€™s it! The shares from high-quality accounts are on their way. As you may notice, the process is easy and requires only several simple steps.

๐Ÿ” Is it safe and secure to buy Shares for Instagram Posts?

This is the question many users of the platform have, and the answer is Yes. It is completely safe. The shares are delivered by real humans and real accounts, not bots. Most importantly, every share you purchase will be effective and give fantastic results, without breaking any policies.

๐Ÿ† Why Choose SocialsUp?

Many providers offer these services, but if you aim for safety and quality, there is no better option than SocialsUp. Below are the top reasons why you should select SocialsUp:

  • Security is our primary concern โ€“ Our goal is to see happy and satisfied customers. Everything starts with the highest level of security, and every buyer should feel safe when making a purchase. For us, there is nothing more important than security and thatโ€™s why we use SSL encryption technology to protect customers, their data, and their transactions. The payment process is safe, easy, and quick.
  • The affordable price โ€“ We offer the services at the best prices on the market. There are different package options, and the price starts from only $0.99.
  • Purchase doesnโ€™t require login credentials or passwords โ€“ When placing an order, we wonโ€™t need your data or account password. The only things needed are the username and the URL of the post.
  • Money-back guarantee โ€“ If we fail in delivering the shares in the specific time frame of 30 days, there is nothing to worry about. There is a money-back guarantee.
  • Exceptional customer service โ€“ For any questions or concerns, you can turn to our customer support team. Our representatives are available 24/7.
SocialsUp Works


Step 1. Choose the Package of Your Choice.
Choose the Package of Your Choice.
Choose the number of views, likes, followers, or other engagement you prefer. We have packages of varying sizes depending on your needs.


Step 2. Enter Your Username or URL.
Enter Your Username or URL.
Enter the URL or username where you want to receive the content, so we know where to send your purchased activity.


Step 3. Complete Payment and Get Your Order.
Complete Payment and Get Your Order!
Choose your payment method, pay, and check your email for payment confirmation. You will receive your order within the delivery window of the package.

Reviews for Instagram Post Shares โœจ

Olly Gewson

Social Media Assistant

I was floundering to get my Instagram posts noticed by a wider followership. Thanks to SocialsUp's Instagram shares package, my posts started gaining further exposure and engagement. The increase in share count was unthinkable, and the algorithm began favoring my content. I have seen a significant boost in my perceptivity and reach. I largely recommend their service to anyone looking to improve their Instagram creation.

Garold Ferry


I could not be happier with the insights I have seen after using SocialsUp's IG shares service. The shares not only increased the visibility of my posts but also helped my content to appear on the Explore page. This boosted my followers and engagement, making my account more believable and popular. However, I largely recommend SocialsUp's services, If you are looking to grow on the Instagram algorithm.

๐Ÿ’ก Common Questions

It all depends on your needs and desires. If you have never used the service before, you can start with the smallest one.

Yes! You can do that by opening the post and clicking on three dots in the top-right. Next, click on โ€œShared postโ€. Remember that this is possible when posts are shared from public accounts.

The delivery is pretty fast. You should expect it in 1 to 12 hours after you completed the purchase.

If you want to buy Instagram post shares from SocialsUp and boost your social media engagement, the payment methods you can use are debit and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Other options are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

With SocialsUp, you can buy Instagram shares at affordable prices, and you will get 30 days refill and refund guarantee.

No, we do not need your password.

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Privacy and Discretion Guaranteed Privacy and Discretion Guaranteed

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100% Risk-Free Guaranteed 100% Risk-Free Guaranteed

We guarantee ultra-fast delivery through high-security protocols. We employ the best security solutions to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience when you choose our services.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support staff is always available, so all you have to do is get in touch with us if you have any issues.

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Service Guarantee Service Guarantee

With every purchase that you make with us, you receive two weeks of guaranteed service. During this time, you can contact us with any questions or issue you may have.

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Optimal Results Optimal Results

We strive to improve our products and services continuously, and we rely on your feedback for it as well. Reach out to us with your suggestions, and we will do our best to provide you with optimal results every time.

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Easy Order System Easy Order System

Our ordering process is one of the simplest and fastest out there. It takes less than a minute to purchase with us.

About SocialsUp Team
More About SocialsUp Team

Get acquainted with our top-quality service. This marketplace aims at your social media accounts' success. Great reputation and top credibility are guaranteed after cooperation with us. SocialsUp consists of professional marketers only and makes constant research on this market niche. It allows us to keep up with your business needs. Note, that total cyber security and data safety is provided. Get the best digital product for the lowest pricing propositions.