Inclusion is About Designing the Future

The future of technology sometimes feels like an endless parade of objects. Hoverboards and holographic headsets. Self-driving cars and AI-powered speaker boxes. From classic science fiction novels to the glowing stages of corporate conferences, w...

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The Veil of Ignorance

Imagine You are in your mid-twenties and your vision is 20/20 or better. You are not color blind and all the devices you own have a โ€˜retinaโ€™ screen. You are standing in a major city and your internet is fast. Imagine Your vision isn't 20/20 any...

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How to Upload Multiple YouTube Videos Without Creating Spam

Opening a YouTube business account can lead you toward a brand new way to engage with your online audience. With the use of some smart SEO tactics, some creative content, and consistent work, you may be able to bring in considerably high new conve...

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Twitter followers social proof
Social Proof in Digital Success

What is Social Proof and how to leverage it for your success The world around you affects every action you take. The collective influence of society contributes much to your decisions, often without your knowledge. What you buy is your decisi...

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how to get twitter followers like beyonce
How to Get Twitter Followers using Basic Psychology

You all know from reading this blog that I spend quite a bit of time writing about social media, thinking about social media. What you may not know is that, a lifetime ago, I studied psychology and sociology in college. With that in mind, I tho...

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become an online influencer
How to Become an Online Influencer: Be a Powerful Online Presence

The Internet is one massive audience just waiting for your business. Having a large audience of your own is no easy task. Online influencers, however, have a large audience. You want to become an online influencer, and we will look at how you will...

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1 Million YouTube Views: How Much YouTube Pays for this Milestone

Every video marketer knows that YouTube views are vital to their success. Many YouTubers make 1 million YouTube views on each video their goal. Are 1 million YouTube views really worth what you think they are? So, how much do YouTubers make? Letโ€™s...

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Voice Search
The Implications of Voice Search on Video Marketing and SEO

Voice search is a quickly expanding area of mobile technology. This new approach to the traditional internet search can have a huge influence over the amount of times a site comes up in search engine results, and the volume of search traffic direc...

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