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General Questions

What type of merchandise/packages/products do we sell?

Our product is a digital service for enhancing the social media indicators ordered from our catalog.

Towards which countries (markets) is your service-oriented?

The service is geared towards the global marketplace. Clients can order our services from anywhere in the world with just a credit card. Countries from which we receive orders include: the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, India, Ireland, Italia, Germany, Spain, Nigeria and many others.

How quickly are all the ordered services delivered?

The information about each service’s delivery will vary and will be stated in the description of each package.

How quickly are the ordered services launched?

Service launch is the time between successful payment processing and the start of delivery. Services and the number of activities are not delivered all at once, but gradually. This is done so that the increase in social media activities appears natural.

Orders are usually launched within 2-5 minutes after the order was placed and are performed automatically. Usually, the customers start receiving their orders within the first hour after the order is placed. Possible exceptions could be YouTube Views, which are delivered with a delay since YouTube’s view counter can take up to 48 hours after the delivery.

What is the quality of the provided services?

Our clients are provided with an exceptional quality of services. The description of each package can be found on the page of the service. We are doing everything we can so that the client remains happy with our company and the product it creates.

Is our system safe for clients?

The system is completely safe for all accounts. A special algorithm is developed for each social media platform. It determines the optimal number of actions that can be provided on the selected accounts. Thanks to this system, the platform is completely safe and trustworthy.

Why are subscriber boost packages ordered?

Services for boosting the number of followers are ordered by

● Influencers
● Public figures and politicians
● NGOs
● Regular users

The main goal is to increase the activity count on your publications and accounts.

Do clients need to provide us with the login credentials for their accounts?

We will never ask you to provide us with the login or password for any social media account. All of the services work autonomously and do not require full access to an account.

Why don't we have large packages?

Many times, people ask us: “Why don’t you sell 100,000 subscribers” or “1,000,000 video views.” The fact of the matter is that social networks quickly identify such large activities since they appear unnatural for most of our clients. That’s why we only sell packages that you can get the most value out of.

Can you make a purchase for someone else's account?

The client does not need to be the owner of the account to order services. It is enough that the account/publication is public (open to all users of the corresponding social network).

How are the discounts determined?

Often, we offer discounts and promotions on our products. The crossed-out price (this is the old one without a discount) and the current rate will be visible in the service catalog or on the product card.

Discounts on services are available on the eve of holidays. We usually offer a discount of 10-25% on services.

For bulk orders and additional information about available discounts please contact our customer support team.

Will other users be able to identify that you purchased a social activity package?

All processes are set up in such a way that the provided service packages look as natural as possible. That is why onlookers, subscribers, or friends will not be able to determine that a client used our service.

Can you order the same service twice for the same publication?

You can re-order service for the same publication, but only after the first order’s delivery is completed. If a client orders the same service, but for the same publication/account, the system may not correctly perceive this, and the second order will not be performed.

If the package you need is not in the catalog?

If the package of services the client wants to purchase is not presented on the website, the client can contact our Customer Support department with a request to consider the possibility of creating the specific package, indicating the type of service and desired amount of social activity. This information is required to check the possibility of providing the service in the quantity required by the client, as well as to calculate its cost. If the service can be provided and the estimated price suits the client, the package will be created and a link to purchase it will be provided to the client via email.

Can you order premium class services?

We can fulfill orders with premium quality services. Such orders are mainly carried out upon request. You can order a custom written support ticket and indicate your desired services. On our part, we will check whether our partners offer similar types of premium services and place an order with them.

Such services are usually 2-3 times more expensive than those in the catalog. They are distinguished by a higher visual quality and delivery reliability.

Stars, politicians, business people, and influencers may wish to order such services.

Ordering a service from several contractors

Very often, our clients order services from several other companies and us. We do not recommend doing this, as when the products of different contractors start to be delivered to the same publications (accounts), social networks may detect unnatural growth and begin to ”cut” received orders.

Our systems work in such a way that the items are delivered naturally. If a product is ordered only from us, we control how naturally it is delivered and how organic it appears in the social network’s eyes.

If different companies carry out the delivery of similar/identical goods, the product is dropped from the 30-day refill warranty.

Deleting a post after the service has been ordered

When ordering a service, we do not recommend removing the post for which this service was ordered. If the publication is deleted or re-added, the order will be stopped without the right to a refill or refund.

Closing the account (private option) after the service has been ordered

When ordering a service, we do not recommend making your account private, as the service delivery will be stopped. If the client closed the account during the service delivery, we recommend opening it and contacting customer support to restart the order.

Can you order service for a closed (private) account?

A private account is an option in the settings of most social networks. Its goal is to ensure that the information published in the account can be seen only by people whom the client has approved (friends/subscribers).

This is why you need to set the option in the account settings to allow people who have not previously subscribed to the account to see its contents. This is the only way we can fulfill the order.

Can you substitute one service for another?

If the order has already started to be fulfilled, there is no way to stop delivering the service and redistribute it to other services.

Can I order service for an old publication?

Clients can order social activity for any old accounts and any old publications.

The only exceptions are the packages of auto likes and auto views, as they only work for new publications that were added after purchasing a subscription.

Questions about Instagram Offers

Is it possible to distribute a package of subscribers between different accounts?

At the moment, it is technically impossible to split subscribers between different accounts. A separate order must be placed for each account.

Limitations on 18+ accounts

If an account is designed for an adult audience of 18+, and the corresponding option is selected in the accounts settings, then we will not be able to send subscribers/likes/views to it. We recommend disabling this option, placing an order, and after its completion, enabling it back.

Is it possible to distribute a package of likes between different publications?

Our system allows you to distribute one package of likes between different publications. A maximum of 10 photos can be distributed in each package. The minimum number of likes that can be ordered is 10 units per photo, therefore for small packages (for example, 10 likes) you will be able to select only 1 publication.

What you need to know about automatic likes on Instagram

1. The system starts adding likes to new photos an hour after the order has been placed.
2. Our system fixes the starting element (the last publication in the account) and counts from it. That is, auto likes begin to be delivered to the next post that was added after the starting element.
3. Our system constantly analyzes the account (every 20-30 minutes), finds the most recent publication, and automatically sends likes to it.
4. Likes come only to new posts and do not apply to old posts.
5. As long as the option is working, the client’s account must be open to the public.
6. Our system is able to send likes only up to 5 posts a day.

Canceling the auto like subscription

All auto likes and auto views packages are connected regularly, meaning that an automatic renewal fee is charged every month.

If the client wants to cancel their subscription, they need to write a letter of request to our customer support email in any format specifying the time and account they wish to unsubscribe from.

What is the distribution of followers by country?

All packages have the following approximate distribution: 40% of users are Europeans and American, 40% are Arabs and Asians, and 20% are corporate accounts of other companies.

Is it possible to test out your service?

Specifically for people who doubt whether our services will suit them, we have created small and cheap packages that you can buy in order to evaluate the quality.

What if some subscribers unsubscribe from your account?

Some followers may unsubscribe from an account; this is usually about 5% to 20%. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% user retention. Therefore, we provide a 30-day guarantee for all packages. If users have unsubscribed from the account during this period, we will compensate this amount and send you new ones.

Can Instagram likes drop off?

Recently, Instagram has introduced a system that can “cut off” and hide some likes. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar issue, we recommend using the refill service, where the support specialists will reimburse any likes lost.

Will the delivered subscribers interact with my profile?

Usually, the ordered subscribers are inactive and do not like, comment, or view videos on publications.

If a client wants to get followers who will show similar actions, it is necessary to order the service “Real Instagram Followers.”


The time of service delivery

The delivery time for services varies for each package. The delivery time for each package can be found in the description of this package. If the service is not delivered within the specific time frame, the client should contact us, and we will resolve all the issues that arise.

Delays in service delivery

Some services may come with delays in delivery.

The reasons could be:
1. Due to ongoing technical changes on the behalf of individual social networks.
2. Due to the large influx of orders, the processing time may be longer than usual.

The average delay time can vary within a few days. If the delivery period has expired, but the order has not been completed, please notify our customer support and we will look into the problem.

Can the items be delivered faster than indicated in the conditions?

At the moment, we do not offer expedited service delivery.

Sometimes services can be delivered faster than indicated in the package description due to low server loads.


What does the order process look like?

To order a service you need to:
1. Select the desired package, click the “Buy Now” or “Buy” button.
2. Insert a link to the account or publication for which the package is ordered.
3. Enter your email.
4. Enter your card information and confirm the payment using the 3DS code (only when paying with Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro).
5. Receive a payment confirmation email with your order details.

We have the following forms of payment:

● Visa, Mastercard & Maestro.
● Apple Pay & Google Pay.

For example, paying with Apple Pay is not the same as paying with Visa because there are completely different throughput of payments and payment speeds. Therefore, it is important for some customers that the service accepts Apple Pay/Google Pay, and not Visa/Mastercard.

Can you pay with PayPal?

This form of payment is not supported at this time. Earlier (until 2020), this form of payment was present on the site, so old customer reviews mention that a person paid with PayPal.

In the future, this payment will not work either, but the client can pay with Visa & Mastercard or using Apple Pay and Google Pay, which is safer than using PayPal.

The reason why the payment may not be going through

1. Anti Fraud blocking;
2. Errors related to 3DS;
3. Insufficient funds;
4. Invalid card data;
5. Internet payment limits;
6. International payments blockages;
7. Limit on the number of payments per day.

The currency of the payment

After the payment has been made, some clients can see in their statement that they have withdrawn money in some unknown currency, such as hryvnia ₴, euro €, rubles ₽, or pounds £. This can be due to the fact that our company is served both in American and European banks. That is why, depending on which bank accepted this transaction, the client can be shown the amount in the bank’s currency in the country that served this payment.

The dollar is often confused with the hryvnia because they have similar icons: ₴ and $. Here it is worth reassuring and explaining to the client that this is a conversion into the bank’s currency that processed the transaction. The actual amount debited in dollars corresponds to the amount indicated on the website.

Credit and debit cards

Our service accepts both credit and debit cards. Therefore, the client can pay with the most convenient card.

Differences in the amounts on the site and the actual payment on the statement

Customers may encounter a scenario where the service, for example, costs $3.99, but the bank charged $4.09. This happens when the bank withholds, on its side, an additional commission for international or local transactions.

We are not responsible for such cases, since the bank notifies customers about additional fees for card payments when they issue them a card. The client can discuss all such disputes with the bank that issued the payment card.

Can you receive a payment invoice?

If the client contacted our Customer Support department with a request to check the possibility of providing a service that is not presented in the catalog and received an affirmative answer along with the estimated cost of the package, the client will receive the invoice to pay for the service.

An invoice is a generated page in the payment system, a link to which is sent to the client’s specified email. After that client can pay it and receive the ordered service.

This option does not apply to auto likes and auto views. All other services can be ordered using an invoice.

Unpaid order reminders

If the customer has started the payment process but has not completed it, the payment system may send notifications about an unfinished purchase with an offer to complete it.

The client can either complete it or ignore the letter if the product is no longer needed.


What is the difference between a Refill and a Refund?

A refund is the opportunity to get all of your money back. We can offer a full refund in two events:
1) The delivery of items did not start 10 days after ordering the service.
2) The delivered item does not match the description.

A refill is a reimbursement option for the corresponding order. This means that if, for example, a person ordered service and 1000 subscribers were delivered to him, and over the course of a week 100 people were “cut off”, then we will compensate and add the missing amount of subscribers.

We do not have an automatic refill option, so we accept requests from clients sent to our support email.

How long does it take to receive a Refill or a Refund?

During 30 days you will get a refill or refund.

In the event of a refund:

Money is refunded in only two circumstances:
1. The customer did not receive the item. If the ordered amount of social activity was not received (or delivery did not start 10 days after the order), the client has the right to request a refund from the support team and receive it.
2. If the item is not as described.

In the event of the Refill option:

After the complete delivery of the items, the client has 30 days to request a “Refill” of the order in case if some ordered activity has disappeared. The client is also advised to provide relevant evidence that some activity has disappeared (screenshots etc)

For example, if a client ordered 100 subscribers and after 25 days 25 unsubscribed and 75 remained, the client can contact the support team and request compensation for the lost subscribers.

The refill will be started within the next 24-48 hours and the customer is advised to re-contact Customer Support if the refill has not started within the above mentioned period.

How quickly are card Refunds carried out?

Usually, it takes anywhere from 1 to 14 days for the money to be returned to the card, depending on the client’s bank.

If the client did not receive the Refund 14 days after we confirmed the Refund, the client needs to contact us again and we will double-check if the bank is experiencing a problem with sending the Refund.

Free Trial Questions

Free Trial Followers / Subscribers

Free subscriber trials are currently unavailable. If the client would like to test the service, a client can order the cheapest option to see the quality of services.

Why Some Free Trial Services May Be Unavailable

The number of people who would like to receive a free demo is extremely high, and we cannot always provide it. Therefore, sometimes we disable free demos for certain services and instead offer the client a small quantity of the service, at a low price as a test.

Customer Support Department

What information is needed to check an order?

In order for the customer support team to check an order and provide the most information, it is necessary to provide the email address for which the order was placed and for which package was purchased. Also, provide information for which publication or account the service was ordered.

Working hours

The customer service department is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm UK time.

How to contact us

You can contact the support team by writing a request to the support email.

How quickly we respond to customer inquiries

The average request processing time is anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 hours during business hours. All requests written after 6 pm will be processed the next day.

Every client, after sending a request, receives an automated response with a request number. This automated answer indicates that we have received your question and are already working on it.