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Buy 20 Facebook Post/Photo Likes


Buy 20 Facebook Post/Photo Likes

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In SocialsUp, you can buy Facebook likes for the cheapest price.
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Does It Help to Buy 20 Facebook Likes?

Yes. Although 20 thumbs up on your post may seem like a small amount of engagement, receiving these at the right time can significantly improve the performance of your post. It is why professional account holders like business houses, celebrities, and influencers frequently choose to pay for social signals to improve their marketing. Buy 20 Facebook photo likes or post likes when you require:

  • Quality signals that mimic naturally received engagement;
  • A boost in credibility and audience reach;
  • A risk-free budget-friendly means of strengthening your social media marketing;
  • Quick engagement boost to enhance your brand-building strategy.

You will be surprised at how much 20 authentic social signals can do for your SM marketing!

What Benefits Can One Get After Buying 20 Facebook Likes?

Real social signals are a significant investment that saves your marketing time and effort. When you buy 20 favorites for a Facebook post, that post gets:

  1. An instant boost in engagement.
  2. Gets pushed higher by FB algorithms on the search and home feeds.
  3. A wider audience exposure.

All of them help you build:

  • Organic traffic to the post and thus to your feed;
  • Social proof;
  • Potential for attracting more followers.

How Safe Is It to Buy 20 Cheap Facebook Likes?

At SocialsUp, we only sell genuine social signals, so your purchase with us will never violate any platform’s rules and laws. In addition:

  • You will never be prompted to give a password;
  • All payments are accepted only through secure encrypted gateways;
  • No information you provide is stored or shared by our website with any third party.

In other words, purchasing 20 likes from our site is entirely safe.

You can check our SSL certification here.

What Is the Process of Buying Photo or Post Likes on SocialsUp?

To buy 20 Facebook likes on SocialsUp, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose the required package.
  2. Type in the post or photo URL and give your email address.
  3. Make payment for the order using any of our billing options.

That’s it. You are all set, and you will soon see your thumbs-up counter go up on the selected post. It is a fast and easy process. If you need help, customer service is available 24/7.

Is It Very Expensive to Purchase 20 Facebook Likes?

Not at all. You can buy 20 Facebook photo likes or post favorites for $2 approx. The packages on our site are ideally priced to suit all budget types.

Who Should Buy 20 Facebook Likes?

Anyone can opt to purchase this package. The pricing makes it readily accessible to small and large businesses. We recommend you go for this package when you need the following:

  • A quick boost in your engagement rate;
  • Expansion in your audience pool;
  • Social proof;
  • Activity renewal on a stagnant post;
  • High-quality increase in impressions;
  • A practical and pocket-friendly means of attracting the curiosity of natural traffic to your content.
SocialsUp Works


Step 1. Choose the Package of Your Choice.
Choose the Package of Your Choice.
Choose the number of views, likes, followers, or other engagement you prefer. We have packages of varying sizes depending on your needs.


Step 2. Enter Your Username or URL.
Enter Your Username or URL.
Enter the URL or username where you want to receive the content, so we know where to send your purchased activity.


Step 3. Complete Payment and Get Your Order.
Complete Payment and Get Your Order!
Choose your payment method, pay, and check your email for payment confirmation. You will receive your order within the delivery window of the package.

Reviews for 20 Facebook Post/Photo Likes

Gabriel Cole

Director of Marketing

This package is a super deal: great pricing and quality of likes. Ordering was super easy, and I received all the likes in record time, which pushed up my post’s visibility!

Kingsley S.


I looked through many sites, and this was the perfect find for my marketing needs. I wanted a package that wasn’t too big but big enough to give my post a significant performance boost. I don’t usually get too many organic signals, so the number was correct and blended in with my natural performance. I got the results I was looking for!


Product Manager

I tried this package based on a recommendation and was satisfied. Reasonable pricing, quick delivery, and quality service. I had a few questions, and the help desk quickly assisted me. The ordering process was relatively simple and fast. I am pleased with my shopping experience.

Common Questions 🎈

No. Our site will never ask you for a password to fill any service order.

Yes. None of our offered services violate any rules. Your purchase from us is entirely legit.

Orders with small numbers of social signals usually do not take more than an hour or two to process. You will begin receiving the likes instantly.

We fill our orders with engagement from accounts with unique FB profiles. You will be able to check the profile of anyone who is leaving you a thumbs-up.

Our site accepts several forms of payment. You can use your Visa, Maestro, or Mastercard, and you may also use cryptocurrency, Apple Pay, or GPay.

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100% Risk-Free Guaranteed 100% Risk-Free Guaranteed
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